Mylène Farmer and George Clooney: their beautiful friendship in photos


Like many other celebrities, singer Mylène Farmer wants to keep her intimate life very private. The interpreter of Without Counterfeiting gave herself up more intimately in “The Ultimate Creation”, a documentary broadcast on the Amazon Prime Video platform in which we see the stages of setting up her show in 2019.

In an interview granted to Parisian, the sublime redhead had mentioned this documentary in which she “surrenders”. “I wanted to fix on film all the magical moments shared and offer those who have followed me for a long time more intimate moments”, she explained and continued: “‘I abandon myself because I no longer have fear of being abandoned’. This is undoubtedly my most intimate confession in this documentary. I felt sufficiently confident with Mathieu (Editor’s note: Spadaro, the director) to accept being followed so closely.

Mylène Farmer is so discreet about her life that few people know that she befriended Hollywood comedian George Clooney. The two stars that everything seems to oppose met at the restaurant in the 1990s, as she had entrusted to our colleagues at Gala. “I met him at a dinner. We exchanged a few words. The evening was simple, pleasant. We had a good laugh”, she explained and added: “Hollywood is rather fun. But it’s another planet. American stars have as much power as responsibility. George Clooney is a committed actor, conscious of his time”.

Planet invites you to discover the photos of two stars in 2002, nearly 10 years after their first meeting.