Sanofi to Maximum spot removal: In the downward spiral


    So it can go Two days in a row, employees of a company pursuing relaxed, the Speeches in the course of a meeting, but a letter of the Supreme heads of spoils the season of Advent. The employees of Sanofi in Frankfurt-have to deal with spot removal. The drug manufacturer tightens for a year, the workforce, especially in the production of modern equipment for diabetics. However, the result is a permanent money saved is not enough for the group. Under the flowery title “Horizon 2020”, there are new requirements.

    The new staff round can’t be surprised. Because the group loses the case of diabetics, funds from the Maximum steady sales. The amounts are for a world group uncomfortable. Sanofi with the box-office hit, a long-time insulin, in 2014, delivered more than 6.3 billion Euro, had as it were, after nine months of this year, only 2.7 billion euros, in spite of the growing amounts of product. Until the end of the year, revenue is likely to solve, as measured at the Quarter, the mark of four billion miss. This has not only consequences for the industry, and Sanofi to the city of Frankfurt pays, but also for the workforce in the industrial Park on the Main.

    Less work for less people

    This Time, the removal plan, but only Maximum, and not even a focus. Rather a lot of locations in the world for departments to slim down, the work not only for the location. A calculus should be, those double structures to be diminished, caused by the Acquisition. This can be useful if afterwards the work can be adequately done, and the remaining staff are not overloaded. Brandi court says skipping ahead, in the future, fewer employees should handle fewer tasks.

    The workers ‘ representatives have to ensure that Sanofi delivers on that promise. You Put the number of 140 elimination in Most want to push, is self-evident. Notwithstanding this, you know: After the removal before the removal. Anyway, as long as the sales and profits at the location of sink filling, and new drugs, from the Highest to the Fund.