Sheila: her sublime physical metamorphosis throughout her career


In the fall of 2022, singer Sheila celebrated her 60th anniversary during an anniversary tour that passed through France, Switzerland and Belgium. In an interview granted to, the artist had mentioned this tour with such a particular flavor.

“There are not many of us who can celebrate such a birthday. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t know that I was going to have a good time, that I was going to please people and above all that I was going to have fun”, had – she explained and continued: “For me, this is a very important step, the tens are very important, especially when they start to accumulate. In a household, there are few couples who live 60 years together, so imagine yourself, in showbiz!”.

A career of which the artist is “very proud” and of which the public has continued to evolve over the years. “My audience is five generations, people of my age, grandchildren, great-grandchildren… There was a new audience with ‘Les Rois Mages’, then with the disco era a very different audience who are still there and who don’t know the Sheila of the beginnings. I have a very large, very open audience, what I find great is that everyone mixes very well”, he said. she tells.

This Friday, January 6, 2023, France 3 wanted to pay tribute to him by unveiling a documentary entitled Sheila, all these lives. In the latter, several of the artist’s traveling companions return with tenderness to his beginnings, his successes and his life as an artist which does not seem ready to stop. In the meantime, discover Sheila’s sublime physical metamorphosis, from her beginnings to today.