Your fan is not ready to take a vacation. After a summer marked by drought, heat waves and storms, the last weekend of August is no exception to the rule. According to La Chaîne Météo forecasts, the atmosphere will be summery but stormy, and the mercury could reach up to 35°C in places.

If the mornings will be very mild, with minimum temperatures between 13 and 23°C, the afternoons will be very heavy with high maximums between 23 and 34°C on Saturday and 23 and 35°C on Sunday.

For Saturday August 27, 2022, the forecaster announces a sun that will play hide and seek with the clouds, accompanied by banks of fog in places. “The afternoon is sunny and warm, but not excessively. The clouds will develop on the reliefs ranging from the Vosges to the Southern Alps and Corsica where thunderstorms can break out before evening”, specifies the specialized site in meteorology.

The next day, Sunday August 28, 2022, the weather will be sunnier with a few clouds in ambush in the east of the country. “Temperatures will rise sharply in the southwest, with high temperatures up to locally 35°C”, specifies La Chaîne Météo.

Between the two, a very hot night is expected, especially in the 15 departments that you can consult in the slideshow below. The information provided is based on Météo France forecasts for Thursday August 25, 2022 at 4 p.m. and is subject to change.