Mosquitoes: why do some people get bitten more than others?


Do you have the impression of being a particularly privileged target of mosquitoes? Maybe you are right ! Indeed, these serial-prickers do not choose their victims at random, far from it. According to some rumors, they would be more attracted to people with sweet blood: it’s just an urban legend! On the other hand, other elements such as your diet, your habits and your state of health come into focus. In our slideshow below, find out why mosquitoes always prey on you but seem to spare some members of your family.

Blisters, itching… If you’re a mosquito’s favorite dish as summer approaches, you know all too well the inconvenience that accompanies the bite. To relieve you, several natural and inexpensive remedies exist! According to Passeport Santé, your garden is full of ways to ease the pain. Plantain, mint, dandelion leaves… Crush them and rub the preparation on your bite. If you don’t have any, head to the kitchen: this same method also works with lemon, onion rings or a clove of garlic.

Since prevention is better than cure, some tips will allow you to repel mosquitoes before they even have time to bite you! To do this, you must choose the mosquito repellent products you buy at the supermarket carefully: according to the DGCCRF, it is good to favor those based on essential oil of mint, lavender, neem extract, lavandin or of geraniol. You can also get a mosquito net or a plant known for its repellent properties.