Wood energy voucher: who can claim this aid from 27 December?


The year 2022 was marked, among other things, by galloping inflation in all sectors. Fuel, electricity, food… The portfolio of French consumers has not been spared. To limit the damage to the purchasing power of the latter, the government has put in place various measures, including financial aid. After an exceptional energy check distributed to several million households, then a fuel check, it is now a wood check which is about to be allocated to 2.6 million households.

This is an aid of between 50 and 200 euros, dedicated to individuals who heat themselves with wood. This government boost will not be paid automatically: it is up to you to request it from December 27, 2022 on the official energy check website. To do this, you will need to indicate your tax number and send a copy of your invoice. Have you already received your exceptional energy check? Don’t worry: these two aids can be combined.

This aid is granted subject to income. To qualify, a single person must earn less than 2,260 euros per month, and a couple with two children up to 4,750 euros. Moreover, the amount of aid is different depending on the type of heating used.

People who heat with wood pellets will receive between 100 and 200 euros:

People who heat themselves with logs or other fuels (logs, wood chips, etc.) will receive between 50 and 100 euros: