Following his re-election, Emmanuel Macron long held the suspense over the choice of Jean Castex’s successor. It was finally Elisabeth Borne, former Minister of Labour, who was chosen to replace him at the head of Matignon. Second female Prime Minister after Edith Cresson in 1991, she leads a government recognized as the second youngest of the Fifth Republic, with an average age of 47.9 years.

Two days after its constitution, the Borne government experienced its first controversy with the revelations launched by Mediapart about Damien Abad, just appointed Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities. Denied by the principal concerned, these accusations have however strongly shaken the start of this new five-year term, after the Darmanin affair between 2017 and 2021.

While the Paris prosecutor’s office continues its investigations, Elisabeth Borne reacted, as reported by Les Echos, by specifying that it was necessary “to continue to act so that women […] can free their speech [and] that they are welcomed to lodge a complaint.” Occurring in the wake of the Jérôme Peyrat affair, a candidate for the presidential majority in the legislative elections convicted of domestic violence, this new scandal was followed by a wave of protests and demands for resignations.

If Emmanuel Macron wanted to commit to gender equality and show his interest in restoring parity within the government, there are many challenges at the dawn of the legislative elections. The government could, in fact, be brought to change after June 19, the date of the second round, while social anger is still burning.

Faced with inflation and the defense of the purchasing power of the French, the government is currently working on a bill focused on this issue. Very thorny, the question of pensions is also on everyone’s mind with Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to increase the legal retirement age to 64 or 65. A complex challenge for the government and its 18 ministers. In order to know a little better this government reshuffled by the Head of State, discover the spouses of the ministers of the Borne government.