It was at the end of the First World War that the first lottery scratch games were marketed in France. Initially, their profits are donated to the “broken mouths”, the war wounded, then to farmers in difficulty. Over time, however, gambling left charity aside, and today La Française des Jeux is a thriving business.

And unlike online betting, the FDJ, 70% owned by the state, retains the monopoly, in 2022, on the scratch games that you find at the tobacconist.

Astro, Banco, Number fetish… You must have already scratched their surface, hoping to find the winning combination. Indeed, for the price of a ticket, generally between 50 cents and 10 euros, we can reap, if luck smiles on us, profits of up to 1 million. As such, the star game, The Millionaire, sells 160 million copies each year.

Today, the FDJ has even launched into scratch games… online! On its website or via its application, you can buy your tickets and have access to the results in a few seconds.

But these scratch games do not all have the same operation, and therefore, the same probability of winning.

To make it easier for you when choosing yours at the tobacconist, has made a classification by going through the statistics of the Française des Jeux. “This is to try to determine the illiko games with the best chance of winning”, specifies the site.

Discover the list of the 5 games with the highest probability of winning in our slideshow.