The ongoing protests against the French government, the economic damages increase. During a visit of the affected business owners in Paris, the financial referred to – and the economy Minister Bruno le Maire outbreaks of violence and its consequences on Sunday as a “disaster for the trade, a disaster for our economy”. The government wants to help small retailers, and testing facilities in the case of taxes and social contributions. However, the solutions could not come alone from the state, among other things, the insurers would have a role to play, said Le Maire.

Christian Schubert

economic correspondent in Paris.

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The Deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grégoire, reported after the demonstrations of the “yellow West” of damage would have increased significantly. Because the rioters had this time been more mobile. “There were fewer barricades, but more diffused actions and as a result, more places that were affected.” Dozens of shops in Paris, the show was smash the window, and it came to looting. Bus stops and other facilities of public infrastructure were also damaged. “Half of Paris” had been out of fear of acts of violence, quasi-closed, reported: Grégoire. The Secretary-General of the retail Association FCD, Jacques Creyssel, spoke of a “fourth black Saturday” for its members. “The revenue losses are substantial, exceeding one billion Euro”, because warehouses were blocked by the Yellow jackets.

Not only in Paris, came to destruction by violent demonstrators, but also in cities such as Bordeaux and Toulouse. A Video shows in an impressive way, like the Apple Store of Bordeaux was plundered. Also stations toll on the car, the victims of violent actions were cars. A Station South of Perpignan burned part. Numerous sections of motorway were on Sunday also blocked, particularly in the South of France.