Last year, 524 cancer patients and their reproductive material ” and let freeze. So they treat them, children begin. Notification to the minister of Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD) Thursday, according to figures from the Riziv / inami.

finally, The freezing of reproductive material-the so-called oncofreezing, occurs in patients with a severe treatment that their fertility may be affected, such as chemotherapy. There has to be sperm or oocytes, or testicular or ovarian tissue taken, frozen and stored for later use. Since 2017 will be oncofreezing be reimbursed for, among others, in patients with cancer.

In 2018, were 177 female and 347 male patients with cancer, the use of oncofreezing. In most cases, patients with malignant hematological disease including leukemia or lymphoma, says in a news release. Also common were the chest and the teelbalkanker. Of the 524 patients, there were 73 are under the age of 16.

“A cancer diagnosis is incredibly difficult to bear. If you do so, you also wish to have a child in a smoke filled room to see go up, you will be doubly affected. By oncofreezing have to pay it back, we want to have that extra concern away,” said the minister to The Block.

Last year, the minister for The pre-repayment of the oncofreezing of up to three additional patient groups: women with a borderline eierstoktumor in patients who have a bloedstamceltransplantatie be subjected to, because of rare blood diseases such as thalassemia and those with teelbalkanker only surgery, without the need for additional chemo – or radiation therapy. A total of 4 million euros per year has been earmarked for the repayment.

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