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Mission accomplished at the Source of San Luis , where Spain came out yesterday classified for the Eurobasket 2022 after winning with authority to Romania in a match without a story is resolved very soon. The procedure solventó the selection, supported by an overwhelming superiority and with the push of the young, which gave a step forward as he asked them Scariolo these days.

she Recognized the technician in the preview that the purpose of these parties was double. “ There is that to qualify for the Eurobasket, obvious, but also have to serve these windows to try to give international experience to our young players , who have very little. Spain is the country in whose league there are less and less national players (just play 17 minutes on average), and in the face of growth and the replacement of the Selection is a situation that must be taken into account and that worries us a lot, sincerely,” assumed Scariolo, who after having squandered 18 points against Israel pointed to this lack of experience as an endemic evil of the young spaniards.

For this reason, the Italian tries to pamper to the maximum of the kids who called in these windows, because he knows that in many of them is the future of the selection. The relay.

Players such as Tyson Perez, Dario Brizuela or Francis Alonso , with talent enough to be part of the team in any major tournament, come to these concentrations with the goal of growing. Fall and get up. Because the only way to learn of truth.”There are many things that can only be acquired by playing, competing, making mistakes and learning from mistakes. is So these windows are a very good opportunity to add experience , ” says the Italian coach, happy to put up his laboratory two or three times a year.

The development of the young is one of those pleasures that these windows add a allow you to Scariolo. Experiments designed to give strength to the future of selection, which resulted this time in a limit situation, then needed to win yes or yes, Spain to Romania to seal their ticket to the Eurobasket . A face or cross with an asterisk, because the weakness of his opponent –who had not won any match until now– ventured a day easy. Let him clear the selection from the beginning with Brizuela holding the team in a first quarter full of intensity in the who scored eight consecutive points -17 at the end of the party– which broke the meeting (19-6, min. 5).

Next to him, Tyson Perez is another one of those young people called to shine. One of those diamonds in the rough that landed late in the basketball, but giving giant steps in every game. After making his debut with the selection on Saturday against Israel, yesterday showed for the first time, his virtues, above all in the bounce, where it was a nightmare for the romanians. “ Has some qualities of athletic important. Is growing slowly, but give him time.

we put the holder in the two games because is a player that may be interesting for selection in the future , ” said Scariolo, who yesterday left underline the name of Tyson in his book.

With the shock resolved to rest (45-21), the second part served to continue with the experiments. To see if there is a future. That there is, although with caution. Because of the fragility of Romania invited the prudence. Even so, saw good things from Francis Alonso or Barreiro . Pieces that will pass by the laboratory of Scariolo in February, the last window before the Tokyo Games.

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