Onlinevideodienst Netflix in the past quarter, several new customers were won. Mainly that the launching of the new seasons of successeries as the ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘13 Reasons Why’ attracted the viewers. In total, welcomed the arrival of Netflix, nearly 6.8 million subscribers.

That is, there were more than 6.7 million, where those in the know into consideration, but it is less than 7 million, which Netflix itself is aimed at with his gun. Be recovered, Netflix is less and second quarter when, with the advent of the new customers is far below the expectations.

in All, more than 158 million homes with a Netflix subscription.

In the U.S., has been somewhat saturated in the market. Netflix sees competition in the market for streaming services to grow. Including Disney, AT&T, Comcast, and Apple is preying on the market share.

The revenue of Netflix, has increased in the last quarter by 31 percent to 5.2 billion us dollars. In addition, it was reported the company had a net profit of 655 million euros, compared to 403 million u.s. dollars in the same period of the previous year.

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