Employment: 8 tips to improve your well-being at work


More and more employees choose to engage in a retraining process because their job does not make them happy. The notion of well-being at work is very important because it is what will allow you to be motivated to go to work. This allows you not to feel oppressed and anxious about your professional activity.

This is a goal that may seem complicated to achieve, but in reality changing the perception that you have of your professional environment can change everything.

In February 2019, BVA-BPI Group published a survey called “Employee barometer – Health and well-being at work”. It reveals that 38% of French employees suffer from stress at work and 63% even declare that they are likely to be the victim of burnout, a state of physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion linked to the deterioration of a person’s relationship. at his work.

This phenomenon of ill-being at work is becoming more important in the lives of employees as well as in public debate. This is not a recent problem, but there is a lot of talk about it and it has even led some business leaders to invest more and more in the well-being of their employees.

Indeed, beyond the notion of humanity behind these actions, studies show that well-being is directly linked to employee productivity. According to the Harvard Business Review, happy employees are 31% more productive.

The quest for well-being at work must be a priority for employees who want to be motivated and happy again in their work. Discover Planet’s 8 tips to improve your well-being at work.