Presented as the new owner of the Montreal Alouettes a little over a week ago, Pierre Karl Péladeau was finally able to meet his general manager, Danny Maciocia, on Friday.

The two men posed, all smiles, to share the good news on the team’s social networks.

During the press conference formalizing his arrival in the bosom of the team, Péladeau had pointed out that he had had time to exchange only a few words with Maciocia, because the telephone signal was miserable, since the latter was on the phone. foreigner, on a cruise

Nevertheless, the general manager told La Presse a few days ago that finally having an owner was a step in the right direction, but the fact that the franchise remained in the hands of Quebec interests was even better: ” Stability is so important. We haven’t really experienced that lately, there were more subjects off the pitch than on the pitch! Mr. Péladeau has been very successful, he is a proud Montrealer, a proud Quebecer, he has ties to the province. We are really motivated. His way of expressing himself has inspired many people in our office. There is work to be done, but we are relieved. »