A real revolution when they first appeared, tin cans are now part of our daily lives. Economical and practical, they allow food to be preserved for long periods of time and can be easily stored.

However, the French may consume them very regularly, not all of them know how to prepare them properly. If today there is a multitude of canned foods and prepared meals, some of them must be washed carefully before consumption.

As Femme Actuelle points out, this mainly concerns vegetables. Indeed, the brine, which makes it possible to lengthen the shelf life of certain foods, has a high salt content. Thus, for people who eat little salt, it is best to rinse their canned vegetables before eating them.

Conversely, there are certain foods that are best eaten as is. This is particularly the case for fruits which are generally bathed in a kind of syrup to preserve the taste of the products. So by rinsing sliced ​​pineapple, for example, the fruit risks losing its flavor.

To know if a product should be rinsed or not before being consumed, it is best to carefully read the label of the box. Indeed, the instructions explain how to cook the products and therefore reveal whether they should be washed or directly cooked. For people wishing to consume little salt, observing the sodium content can also be a good indicator.