The results of the baccalaureate fell on Tuesday, July 5. From now on, it is the holidays that cloud the thoughts of families. However, this first weekend of school holidays will not be like the others and certain events could come to shake up all the plans.

The last few weeks have been marked by major strike movements paralyzing both the rails and the air. On Wednesday July 6, it was the railway workers who had organized a social movement, disrupting many lines throughout the territory, reports Franceinfo.

A partly successful strike since the SNCF agreed to a general increase in wages of 3.1% on average. However, this result falls short for the majority of unions.

In the air too, the strike continues. After several weeks of fighting, the employees of Aéroports de Paris (ADP) are not weakening. The first weekend of July has already been marked by a major mobilization. 10% to 15% of the flights had not been operated according to L’Internaute.

Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10 are likely to experience a similar situation since the CGT and other unions have filed new strike notices, as explained by Ouest-France.

In this first weekend of school holidays, the situation is therefore likely to be unstable at Paris airports. Whether at Orly or Charles de Gaulle, the mobilization is likely to be significant and it is better to remain attentive.

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