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The remaining municipalities have accumulated in banks over the years –before the prohibition of the Treasury to spend it– and that amounts to nearly 28,000 million euros, will be one of the pillars of the covenant of the reconstruction which will be agreed in the Congress of Deputies. So reported yesterday the Finance minister and spokesperson of the Government, María Jesús Montero, in the Congress of Deputies, to urge councils to take powers now in the hands of the State and the communities.

“it is Not so simple to say that every one with its resources, if any, to use and which does not have to look for life. I think that we all have sufficient high-mindedness to that in the framework of the Reconstruction Committee of Congress we can agree on what priorities can be raised so that the councils can provide in relation to the challenges that we face as a country . For which the autonomous communities can do, and for that the State can do”, he added Montero, to be addressed by the use of the remaining municipalities, asking to be able to spend it in full crisis of the coronavirus.

“I always say that it is a so-called surplus, a so-called saving, because there has not been the result of trying to give, have…not, it has been caused by the spending rule”, stressed. Some statements that have generated unrest in some high consistories consulted by this newspaper.

minimum vital

The minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, advocated when he was president of the Tax Authority that they were the local councils which assume a minimum income that is now going to approve. “There’s a rethinking of the skills that had been made in those environments. Or are we going to do duplication? Or do we hinder? Do you or even we’re going to step on? There will be that talk of the hand of the income vital minimum. And the councils will have a role to play, as they will have to play the autonomous communities” settled Montero.