The German hockey Federation (DEB) has completed its selection procedure and is to become in the search for a new national coach to find it: Toni Söderholm will in future support the national team. The DEB confirmed on Thursday at a press conference. The Finn will be the successor of Marco Sturm, who moved at the beginning of November as an assistant coach to the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL. “He istprädestiniert for the world Championships for international ice hockey,” said DEB President Franz Reindl.

Marc Heinrich

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

With the choice Söderholms Reindl his courageous personnel policy remains faithful. Unlike many observers initially expected, the Association once again, not a seasoned representative of his Guild, but to a surprising solution. Söderholm has on the Post behind the gang not have many years of experience, but his reviews at his previous stations were so promising, that he counted from the beginning of the short-list of Candidates and, ultimately, against the imbalances more prominent competitors, Uwe Krupp (Sparta Prague).

unlike storm, who took over in 2015, without great preparation for the Job, and he subsequently did so well that in February, with the silver medal win at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang succeeded barely to possible Coup, will not start söderholm as a Newcomer. The good German-speaking Scandinavians belonged to the last as a so-called “development coach” for the organization of the EHC Red Bull Munich, and should there be actually built as the successor of the master builders Don Jackson. The former professional, who was a defender with the selection of his home country to three world Championships, took care of the concerns of the farm team SC Riessersee, for which he was parked. With the tradition of the club he became the champion of last season’s main round-and reached the Play-off final.