By means of a live link the animal to see


Webcams instead of Worth live circuit Empire The white-headed eagle upon awakening to watch the Gorillas at the Frolic the watch or the colour of the jellyfish hypnotize can. These live streams will bring the Wilderness into the living room. Anita Suter (travel content), A white-headed eagle in its Nest – have to close via webcam screenshot:

With the extensive measures to curb Corona-the dissemination of the zoo, Tierpärke and reserves have, in many places, their doors for visitors. Via social media but ensure that it’s still coming daily to his Ration of animal entertainment.

So many animal currently in the Internet table-lively scenes on the round – such as the penguins at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium that received a free pass for exploring the aquarium.

Or the pigs, meeting at the walk in Cincinnati, to more exotic additions to the zoo.

The Mystic Aquarium in the US state of Connecticut has created a zone of Encounter for the otherwise rather strange creatures, and a common “results” of this experiment on Twitter. So the meeting of harbour seal and a giant lizard to brighten currently the minds of the online audience.

Even without the forced human Intervention life goes on in the animal enclosures and animal reserves around the world. And Webcams thank, we can see the cheerful Bustle of the Fauna in the peace and quiet of home to mind. As in the case of “real” Visits to animal habitats, sightings are not always guaranteed a bit of luck and Time are also included. And because the Webcams send from different corners of the world, it is important to take into account the different time zones.

Mpala Ranch, Kenya Briefly escape to the hippos to Kenya? No Problem with the Webcam in the Mpala Ranch. Screenshot:

A live connection to the Bank of the river to the research station of Mpala Ranch to look like nature documentaries, just unfiltered. Because of this African “Watering Hole” is always running something. A sample shows: Hippo babies, even in the pouring rain, not by the Bickering to stop. The cameras are not on consignment, running a Best-of-together from earlier recordings-section.

San Diego Zoo, USA

Here, however, it’s also online for a long time. Cameras there are among the giraffes, Orang-Utans, Koalas and polar bears. Because of the time difference – San Diego, nine hours behind us – is it worth the virtual visit for us later in the afternoon.

Gorillas, democratic Republic of the Congo live circuit is to the Gorillas at GRACE Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Screenshot:

in Order to protect the great apes in front of the may also transmissible Coronavirus, are also exposed to the more adventurous visitors, a popular Gorilla – and chimpanzee-trekking in various African Parks currently. Thanks to this Webcam of the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE), you can watch the impressive animals with a bit of luck, from a safe distance, live, Play, eat and Snooze. The camera is focused on a kind of natural corridor for the animals to pass through on the way between the night and the forest. The greatest chances of a successful sighting, according to Park authorities, around noon, and later in the

Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland

Who has whether or not the many couch hours with a bad Conscience, can console themselves with a circuit to Yan Guang, the Panda bears at the Zoo of Edinburgh. The power is also not much more than lounging, as well as the Koalas. In the meantime, there’s a bit of Action in the Form of bamboo and eucalyptus-feeding.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA

The Webcams of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Northern California – if you are caught you at the right time – a true pleasure for Fans of sea animals. Here you can watch the cute sea otters, hammerhead sharks see or the feeding of penguins to attend. For a bit of Zen in everyday life the two Jelly-Cams are recommended: the colored Rumschweben the jellyfish is reminiscent of the lava lamps from the ‘ 90s – is just another level of fascinating.

The live circuits to the animals only to certain hours of the day online, otherwise, there records. 24 hours on the air, the Monterey Bay Cam is. So you can watch the rough Northern Californian Surf from early morning until dusk, noise included.

Shark Cam, North Carolina, USA

Installed on the underwater structures of a disused lighthouse, by means of this Webcam the hustle and bustle of fish – and even sharks – 50 kilometres off the coast of North Carolina are watching.

Octocam, Oregon, USA

octopuses belong to the most fascinating animals at all – not only when you open the sealed jam jars or the results of the football world Cup successful predictions. With the Octocam you can watch the giant octopus Sashay his business in the Hatfield Marine Science center in Oregon. Monday, Thursday and Saturday. at 21 o’clock (Central European time), the feeding ü

Bonus: No Webcam, but an impressive Demonstration of what an octopus is capable of:

the eagle’s nest in Iowa, USA

Around the clock, you can also watch the majestic bald eagles at the Nest – thanks to the infrared camera, even to the hour of the night This also includes the time that the master of the house, or the house lady comes with a small animal carcass as a Snack home. You need to be an ornithologist, and whether the images are from the Midwest of the USA fascinating. Because at the latest when the fluffy white hatchlings stretch their beak for the purpose of feeding from the Nest, escaping every viewer a “Jööööhhh”.

Zurich Zoo

In the Züri Zoo there are Webcams to the penguins, elephants, and the Amur tiger. Just as with the “real” zoo, it is up to a little luck and the whim of the animals, if we can get you to the face.

animal Park Goldau

From the animal Park in Goldau there is a 360-degree all-round vision from the animal Park tower, as well as live circuits in the aviary of the Northern bald IBIS and bearded vulture. You don’t know how a Northern bald IBIS looks like? Well, go on then!

bear Park Bern

Also the Bernese “Caps” are online. Here you can take a look in the caves of Björk and Ursina, in addition, there is a rotating camera with a view on the system.

On the platform Explore, and a bunch linked to more Webcams in the animal world – from wildlife habitat to sheep barns and animal homes.