The smallest member of the euro family, the 5 euro note “was introduced with the first issue of the euro in January 2002 together with the other six denominations (10 euro, 20 euro, 50 euro, 100 euros, 200 euros, 500 euros)”, explains the Banque de France to our colleagues from Ouest-France.

The 5 euro note is part of our daily life: practical for topping up, giving pocket money… It is however difficult to get your hands on it. Indeed, one of the few ways to obtain it is to recover change after a purchase from a merchant. The small gray paper is not available when withdrawing from ATMs, regardless of the bank of the latter. But then how do these small denominations end up in circulation? How do you get it without going to a store?

To obtain 5-euro notes, several online sites recommend withdrawing 10 euros from an ATM at the Banque Postale. However, contacted by Ouest-France, the banking establishment denies the theory: “La Banque Postale does not distribute five-euro notes to distributors like many banks.”

So how do you get it? “By ordering them from your bank. We can distribute them at the counters, when we have some left, and the post offices know how to order them”, replies the Banque Postale to our colleagues from Ouest-France. Thus, both individuals and traders can obtain small gray tickets whenever they wish.