Miss France 2023: discover the photos of the elected regional candidates


The 103rd edition of the prestigious Miss France beauty contest is fast approaching. The ceremony will take place next December in Châteauroux and will be the last for Sylvie Tellier. The director general of Miss France has indeed announced, this Tuesday, August 30, 2022, that she would leave her post after 17 years of service. Cindy Fabre will succeed him.

Some of the candidates are already known, reports TV Mag. The regional elections indeed began last June. Here are the faces of those who will try to succeed Diane Leyre, elected last year.

It’s the end of an era at Miss France. After 17 years of good and loyal service, Sylvie Tellier, general manager of Miss France, left office on August 30. However, she retains the honorary title of Honorary President of the Miss France society, reports Le Parisien. In addition, he still has a role to play before leaving the company for good.

“Alexia Laroche-Joubert offered me to keep an advisory role alongside them until December, which I accepted, because it was important for me to accompany our partners until the election. On the other hand, I wanted to leave my functions now, because I did not want to launch projects for next year“, she explained to our colleagues from TV Mag.

Thus, we will still be able to find Sylvie Tellier alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault to present the ceremony one last time live from Châteauroux on TF1 next December. “I’m not leaving because of the arrival of Alexia Laroche- Joubert, who is a great television professional, but because I feel like I have achieved my goals”, wanted to assure the former Miss France 1999 in the face of rumors of a falling out between the two women.

This Saturday, December 11, Diane Leyre, Miss Ile-de-France 2021, was elected Miss France 2022 at the Zénith de Caen (Normandy). She succeeds Amandine Petit as beauty ambassador in France. At 24, the Francilienne works in the real estate sector. Passionate about reading and boxing, the young woman confides in her portrait that a Miss France has “a real media role. She transmits beautiful messages and beautiful values”.

The 29 regional Misses selected to participate in Miss France 2022 have finally been designated. Organized behind closed doors last year, it is this time in a full Zénith de Caen that Miss France Miss France 2022 will be crowned in public on Saturday December 11. We will have to wait another month to find out who will succeed Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021.

The organization has announced the opening of the ticket office from Wednesday, November 10 at 9 a.m. According to Ouest-France, in just an hour and a quarter, all the seats available at the Louvigny ticket office had already been sold, making many disappointed. The citylive.fr website was also taken by storm. At 11 a.m. on the day it opened, the site said “this event is closed for sale on the web.”

During the election, the health rules will be the same as those applied for concerts, namely the presentation of the health pass. An election which, like every year, will be broadcast on TF1 and presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault. A program that should be different since Alexia Laroche-Joubert took office at the head of the Miss France Society who wants to “rebalance” the program so that “the participants tell each other more”.

This Wednesday, November 17, Sylvie Tellier was the guest of the 1 p.m. newspaper of TF1. She took the opportunity to give more details on the ceremony on December 11, which will aim to elect Miss France 2022. It will be “a great show”, assured the artistic director of Miss France Frédéric Gilbert. This year, the election will be organized on the theme of musicals. “We are going to take the French to revisit the greatest musicals of the Lion King, passing by Lalaland, West Side Story or Singing in the rain”, specified Sylvie Tellier. “It’s a big job since Frédéric Gilbert has been working on it for over a year for this ceremony. A nice show to live live”, promised the former Miss France.

This Monday, November 15, the twenty-nine regional beauty queens met for the first time in Paris. A new adventure for young women that Sylvie Tellier wanted to immortalize in an Instagram story: “Well, here we are: a year of preparation for this beautiful election of Miss France 2022. D-Day, top start: the candidates have arrived! The adventure begins!”, Wrote the general manager of Miss France for almost 15 years. According to Le Journal des Femmes, the candidates met the producer of the show before receiving their gifts and their official scarf. Currently housed at the M Social Hotel Paris on Boulevard Haussmann, the beauty queens will leave for their traditional preparation trip to Reunion Island from this Wednesday, November 17.

Call to order of Miss France by Sylvie Tellier. The candidates to succeed Amandine Petit in the Miss France 2022 election were strongly reframed by the general manager of the Miss France Society about the retouched photos on Instagram. In question, the virulent comments of Internet users on the abuse of retouching by the candidates on their social networks. After the official photos were revealed, they complained about the stark difference from those shared by the young women. An abuse that Sylvie Tellier noticed and which prompted her to call the candidates to order. “We are in a society of the image more and more with social networks (…) And this generation of young women has this reflex of retouching the photo much easier. But we must make the difference between photos from social networks and ours”, specified the director of the competition in the columns of Parisian. She mandated Amandine Petit to warn the regional Misses. “She spoke about it in her speech to the candidates for the regional elections. She said to them ‘Ladies, be careful, you are in the Miss France contest, not in the Instagram contest! So you forget your applications, because you are in reality. By retouching too much, you risk generating disappointing reactions when you arrive in the Miss France adventure, ”explained Sylvie Tellier about the 29 contenders.

We know the president and the six members of the jury for the election of Miss France 2022. At the microphone of RTL, Jean-Pierre Pernaut announced on Monday November 29 that he was appointed president of the jury and took the opportunity to reveal the names of the six jurors who will accompany him on December 11. “I am immensely happy and proud to have been asked by the Miss France committee and by Sylvie Tellier to be the president of the jury for the next Miss France election”, revealed the former presenter of the 1 p.m. newspaper. from TF1. It is therefore the singer Amel Bent, the humorist Inès Reg, the Miss France 2012 Delphine Wespiser, the dancer and choreographer and jury of DALS François Alu, the actor and director Philippe Lacheau, and the humorist Ahmed Sylla who will designate the one who will succeed to Amandine Petit.