Promotions 2 1 free: is it still worth it?


There is no small economy. In the supermarket, promotions are legion and often catch the eye with their red inscriptions in capital letters. Only here: not all offers are good to take, and some tend to grab your budget unnecessarily. Nathalie Cariou, financial intelligence coach and founder of the website The Keys to Success, reminds Planet that saving money is “necessarily a good idea, but perhaps not to the point of traveling ten kilometers to earn two or three euros”.

According to the specialist, it is futile to chase promotions. “I would recommend taking advantage of them when they arise. With a limit, however: if you use a can of detergent every three months, forget the promotion of three cans for the price. two … Which will not be used for a month”, assures Nathalie Cariou. The coach indicates that all promotions must correspond to a real need within three months maximum to be profitable.

According to figures from the expert, food expenditure represents on average 20% of the budget of French households. Here are his tips for saving money at the supermarket:

Before concluding: “For those who have the possibility, a vegetable garden is an infinite source of pleasure and good quality products at low prices!”.