between The American President Donald Trump and the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires agreed on a truce in the trade war has brought the stock exchanges only for a short recovery. Because the suspension of further tariff increases should not obscure the fact that the struggle between the United States and China to the political and economic supremacy in the world. The argument is similar to the fight of a boxer against a Sumo wrestler. The Boxer wants to stretch the wrestler with punches. But the wrestler’s punches and tries to push the Boxer for his weight out of the Ring.

What interests us is the role played by the European Union in this dispute. In order to remain in the picture, you could say, it resembles a powerless arbitrator, the desperate, the rules for the Boxing match does not enforce, which are suitable for these hybrid fight. Consequently, the fighters take him seriously and push you around it at will, when he comes to them in the way.

The European Union has lost standing in this Ring, because it is unable to solve their old problems and to find answers to the new. The monetary Union and the free movement of persons within the Schengen area were projects of the 20th century.Century, which were inspired by the idea of “ever closer Union”. In the last century, was able to devote himself to the EU, the employment itself, because America, as a global hegemon for their external protection and a stable world order. In the 21st century.Century, in the hard Realpolitik in European countries national interests are pursued, will lead the efforts of an ever closer Union but to the ever-deepening cleavage.

armed to the monetary financing of heavily indebted States by the European Central Bank and the communitarisation of bad loans emerging risks for the solvency of the banks divides the North from the South of the EU. Moreover, in the last week won a meager compromise to the strengthening of the European currency Union will not be fooled. The Northern countries of the monetary Union (EMU) are fighting to have the bill for over-indebted South and wobbling banks to settle. And the EU-member countries in the North, which have not joined the EMU yet, from fear of the “transfer Union”, no inclination, their contractual obligations to the Euro-accession. In contrast, the southerners throb in the EMU on financial support from the ECB and want to share their financial risks with the Northern countries in solidarity. Southerners of the EU, who could not yet join the EMU, push into it, because they expect financial aid. Due to the different views as to the manner of money creation by the banks under the direction of the Central Bank of a monetary Union of sovereign States, and has worked in the credit the money order. Since a change of the monetary order, but is not up for debate is the dispute in the EMU up to their expected Failure to weaken the cohesion in the EU.

the dispute to dealing with the increasing immigration pressure from the Middle East and Africa divides the East from the West of the EU. The countries in the East rely on foreclosure, the countries in the West want to be part of permeable boundaries. The free movement of persons within the whole EU requires a unified immigration policy, and effective protection of the external borders. Differences in migration policy and lack of border protection were for the Brexit important reasons. The inability to reach an agreement in these areas will lead to restrictions in the free movement of persons and eventually to a disintegration of the Schengen area. This dispute will weaken the EU.

The Legacy of the 20th century. Century prevent responses to the challenges of the 21st century. Century. In the new era of hard Realpolitik, the EU needs a to your interests-oriented, effective foreign policy, and should be able to provide for their own defense. However, with the withdrawal of Britain who succeeds self-destruction of France and the total failure of Germany as a European power, neither the one nor the other. In foreign policy there is no uniform approach to dealing with America, China and Russia. And in the defence of the EU will remain fragmented States and stingy, to be able to protect themselves from the increasing threat from the outside protect. The EU is in the 21st century. Century is not viable.