Frank Junker, Director of ABG Frankfurt Holding, speaks of a “city repair”. So far, the reported plot was on the Western edge of Nied a wasteland, with Pits and depressions in the terrain, which is why the Area is the little decorative name “Low-hole”. In the next three years will change, this is crucial: Since the Area that extends from the street Alt-Nied in the East a Crescent shape between Mainzer Landstrasse and past the outskirts to the North of the Nidda river, is built with around 130 apartments in passive house Standard, with a neighbourhood space designed, and with retail. “Nied receives an attractive entrance,” said Junker, who sat together yesterday with Lord mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD), the symbolic first sod.

Bernd Günther

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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“A long-run discussion on the extension of Nied is well,” said Feldmann. More importantly, With the construction project to the municipal plan for affordable housing will be advanced. 30 percent of newly emerging Two – to Five-room flats would be supported by the urban middle class program. So Rent prices per Square meter between 8,50 and 10,50 Euro could be ensured. This is comparatively cheaper housing, as it should be for educators, police officers and nurses in the city.

The free-financed apartments are offered according to Junker, the square meter price of € 11.80. Will the new outskirts of town, to a design by the Frankfurt architectural office “dirschl.federle“, of orienting themselves in cracks on the in the district often to find hook-shaped Building. Three building complexes, each with four floors would be arranged from the North, so that between them the two internal courtyards, which are to be grassed and planted with trees. Until the beginning of 2020, these buildings should be completed. The residential complex will be graded on his to the centre of the border of the page on three floors. The difference in height between the old and new buildings shall designed to be compatible.

Attractive views to the river

In the middle of the building area from the centre of the stitch ends gardens road so far as a cul-de-SAC. This way the connection will be built for pedestrians and cyclists. You should lead in the residential district as provided for headquarters space, a new traffic light-controlled crossing of the Mainzer Landstrasse and the tram tracks and continue for approximately 100 meters near the main river. Nied grows to the Main, says Junker. The new development will provide attractive views to the river.In the second phase of construction, the stitch gardens road connect to the South, will build a five-storey building complex in a U-shape. The junction of Mainzer Landstrasse and Old-Nied another building, in which a food market with a sales area of 2000 square meters, will come up. The Work in this phase of construction started only a year later, because the development plan is missing, Junker. A previously unknown sewer had been discovered that needed to be moved.