Impeachment of Trump?: Every day he is the damage on


Mr. Appelbaum, two long years have passed since Donald trump’s swearing-in. He has filled the office according to requirements?

Donald Trump wrestles without question this office like no President before him – at least in the recent past. The President of the United States is peculiar in many respects, especially because the incumbent is at the same time the head of state and head of government. Donald Trump has understood it, the government, and the Republican party. In these tasks he has grown into it. What is, however, almost always failed, is to fill in the role of the head of state on the international stage, because he has violated standards, and again, and again, political and personal interests mixed in.

The office is truly not a picnic, even a seasoned politician would probably be initially overwhelmed with the task. One must turn to the question of how he takes up office, in retrospect, maybe Trump an eye, had prior to his election never an official hold office?

Oh, quite clear: The office of the American President is an impossible Job. You can choose actually only, on what way you can fail at it. But in trump’s case, we are not talking here of a sufficient bandwidth. Rather, it is a lack of understanding, things to be regarded and run. Trump seems to not try very hard: He plays Golf, during the week, he takes on day-to-day business in the course of the Morning.

For all the criticism: Is there a Trump-the Moment that has impressed you or surprised?

Our Job as journalists should be to play a theatre critic. Donald Trump has been chosen for various reasons. There is a lot of what you may find impressive. His election reflected a degree of Frustration with our immigration and trade policies. And that is exactly what he has raised, which are two constants that run throughout his term of office.

you just have to initiate published a very long, detailed and thoughtful Essay in The American magazine The Atlantic, in the you call it clear, right now, for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. What was the Moment that a line was crossed, which goes beyond mere incompetence?