When the Traditional Transom was 15, she started a journal to keep track of. In a diary entry in which she talks about her boyfriend, and the life, and jewish, among the nazibewind in Poland. Even in the time of her death, is described as a recent addition to the diary, and her boyfriend. That is hidden in the book, and sent it after the war, to the point that Traditional. For more than 70 years later, the journal will be published.

in The diary, it describes how the Traditional not only for the occupation of Poland by the nazis and courteous, but also by the Russians. The book is over 700 pages long, and in addition to the stories about her schoolwork and how she fell in love with her best friend Video Los, the descriptions of the horrors of that period of time. “I live here now, the world is mine shut down and I am separated from the world,” ” she said when they were in 1942 and was forced into a ghetto to live with it.

the very fact that it is a diary of the war, and for many years has survived is a small miracle. After the Traditional, and his parents had been killed, wrote the following Video for a final entry in the journal: “Three of the shots! Three lives that will be lost! All I can hear are the shots fired, shots fired.” Before he go to Auschwitz and conducted, it might be thought, however, he is a safe hiding place for the book.

the Video, survived the war and wrote the book, to the point that Traditional, in New York city. Both the sister and the mother-of-Traditional in itself, however, does not give her a story to read and put the book safely away in a safety deposit box. That was until 2012, when a version of the Traditional air got out of the diary of her aunt. She had it translated and it tends to 24 september, and the book is scheduled to be released. “It’s an extraordinary history, both of the horrors of war and the life that was, even in the darkest of times it may exist, as the Uk publisher of the book has already achieved.
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