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there are Champions in Lisbon because it is enacted by the UEFA in an official program. Congregate in Portugal of the eight best teams of course, football first level, but the reality cannot be hidden. Here imposes its law the Covid-19. A place unusual in the there is no bustle or excitement of its own that drags the football. There are No visual signs of that in Lisbon celebrates the greatest annual challenge of the sport king in Europe. There are No fans, of course, with the exception of three enthusiasts with Atalanta that seem alien, nor an atmosphere that wraps the city with some kind of demonstration on the streets, billboards or even the stadium Jose Alvalade, which today hosts the premiere of the athletes in their challenge millennial. Has ripped the Champions to eight and the club of madrid appointment with the tournament that has been abused historically. Of Schwarzenbeck in Brussels Sergio Ramos in Lisbon and the penalty of Juanfran in Milan, the Champions league was always elusive with the Athletic. You have three nights to dream of a tournament that has never won. Today, the Leipzig, and, if it expires later, we’ll see. is Is the party or the exit door . Win or goodbye. Three days to staunch a gap of 117 years.

The scent of life is perceived in the roads of Portugal, the people are expanded by the smooth hills of the Sierra de Estrela, Belmonte, Caria, Fundao, Castelo Novo, their inns where it drives the tourism inside and you can taste a cod a bras or the cheese da Serra, where are you traveling by the comfortable highways with electronic toll every fifteen miles … But in the city, in Lisbon, just send the coronavirus, that almost buries the Champions league with his cloak of poison.

In this scenario, with a positive two who remained at home (Belt and Vrsaljko) and a rain of cases in Spanish football, Atletico returns to excite with the European Cup. What happens in the city that generated a commotion in the club and its fans – that header from Ramos in the minute 93– , although in another stage –play in the Jose Alvalade, not in The Light–. The memory of that nightmare that so many tears caused, there remain only the non-combustible Koke, now captain, the prodigal son Diego Costa, who has not returned to be the one who was, and, above all, indisputable as a pillar of the club, Diego Simeone.

But above all, it remains a state of mind, a true trait of character and spirit of the institution: the perseverance. Beaten, wounded and nearly sunk in a penalty shootout the third lost final (Milan 2016), the madrid-based football team is back on its feet and renewed on all the lines to try the unattainable dream.

Insist and resist, two key concepts in the script of uses and customs of the cholismo.

Also the manual is the “party to party” that the technician set up as a mark of identity. Yesterday, before the european media, the Cholo disdain any guess or analysis that is not referring to the shock of today with the germans. Not wanted to assess whether the football will be a Champions league to Atletico or not. Or if this may be a last chance. “The only important thing is to win, I don’t focus on anything other than the party that we have in front.”

The stress of the virus

Just got out of the way Simeone to remember the missing Strap and Vrsaljko. “It hurts us not having to Sime, who played when he was recovering from an injury and was not able to. And the same Belt, that is all heart.

let’s Hope we get them later , if we move forward in the competition.”

The coronavirus has altered the dynamics opgtimista that clinched Atletico to a great end of the season in the League after the confinement. Not only for having disrupted the travel plans and workouts programmed by the technician, but also by the level of distress that has affected the players.

As explained Oblak on your specific style and direct. “Last Saturday, we left the training very calm, but after the positive Angel and Sime the situation became stressful . We had to wait and do a new test, which is now a very common thing in the world, but of course the Sunday we were stressed as we waited. We got nervous, because you can be asymptomatic and not know it”.

The same voltage have to deal today. UEFA submitted to the Athletic, and the Leipzig to PCR analysis and the results will be known before the match. Although the mattress set already felt relief on Monday when the tests ruled out more cases among the staff, the uncertainty of the coronavirus and its unpredictable effects will be felt in the expedition, as recognized Oblak.

While the evidence does not say otherwise, Simeone has a plan designed against the Leipzig. The mexican Herrera has become hollow and supposedly today will be one of the linchpins of the team in the middle of the field. is With the doubt of Trippier or Arias on the right side, Marcos Llorente and Diego Costa is profiled in the front, so that Joao Felix, pearl Portuguese, it would start on the bench.

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