The dangers of everyday life.Domestic accidents occur in a person’s home or garden and cause 20,000 deaths each year in France. Unsurprisingly, the elderly and children are the first to be affected by these accidents, because they are the most fragile. As the website of the Ministry of the Economy explains, “with vigilance, a few simple reflexes and suitable equipment, it is easier to avoid these accidents”.

Some rooms are particularly dangerous for toddlers: the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. If parents are particularly vigilant for their little ones, are they for themselves? Not necessarily. Indeed, as adults, we sometimes forget the basic rules for our safety, while we are not immune to injury. The French Federation for the Prevention of Domestic Risks (FFPRD) recalls on its website that “the most important thing is to always keep in mind that domestic accidents do not only happen to others”. “Even with the best preparation, accidents can happen to anyone despite vigilance and the measures put in place,” she concludes.

In which rooms of the house should you be particularly vigilant for your safety, but also that of others? What are the main dangers to avoid in the kitchen, the bathroom or even the living room? The firefighters, who intervene regularly for this type of situation, witness accidents in everyday life every day. Volunteer firefighter Marion tells Planet what the most common incidents are, to help you pay extra attention.