Hasselt –

as of Friday morning there are two distribution centers of the Coca-Cola company, still. For the reason that ended loonsonderhandelingen, and the previously announced closure of the distribution centers in the Heppines and Square. “If they are now threatening to take the personal discount on Coca-Cola and its other products to buy, then they laugh with the staff”, according to the trade unions.

” the Coca-Cola company, is celebrating a party in Ghent, belgium. There is a new blikjeslijn and frisdrankgigant are going to save on waste, thanks to the durable packaging. However, the green and the red jackets of the ACV and the trade unions, with attention to the front door. In solidarity with their affected colleagues.

“The loonsonderhandelingen fail,” said Marc Purchases from ITS. “We don’t even make it to sa.” His colleague the President of the trade unions, acting for him in. “The Coca-Cola company is a multinational corporation that is an awful lot of profit making. The people work very hard and are very flexible. However, they are not allowed to share, get in on the action. One of the plans, regardless of the wage, the abolition of the personal discount. For a lot of people, that’s a monthly difference of about $ 60 per month, with the supermarket prices. We have found that very little of the company’s business.”