The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the barbecue season is finally on. What better way to enjoy the good weather than a good meal with family or friends outside. For several years now, the French have been big fans of meat grilled over a wood fire.

Sausages, skewers, ribs… The possibilities are immense. In the summer, some families even eat barbecues every day.

However, like everything else, food recall procedures can be a spoiler. Indeed, this time it is several trays of barbecue meat from the Vallégrain brand that are recalled following the detection of Salmonella.

This now well-known bacterium can cause the development of salmonellosis. A disease that can be dangerous in some cases, especially for children and pregnant women.

Here is the list of recalled products:

If you have any of these products in your possession, bring them back to the supermarket where you bought them as soon as possible. Here is the list of brands in which these suspicious products were marketed.