Quebecer Matthew Bergeron dreamed of being drafted by an NFL team. His wish came true Friday night. The Atlanta Falcons made him the 38th draft pick.

Originally from Victoriaville, where he held a rally with his relatives, the offensive lineman has proven himself with the Syracuse Orange, in the American university ranks. He has won several accolades, but above all he stood out thanks to his versatility, as he can also play as a tackler.

His leadership was also part of the elements that could lean in his favor.

At 23, the 6’5″, 318 lb athlete was identified as a potential third-round pick. He is expected to attend Falcons rookie camp over the next few days.

In recent weeks, Bergeron had visited the leaders of seven NFL organizations, in addition to participating in nearly fifteen interviews via the Zoom platform.

“After each visit, I thought to myself that it had gone really well. There is not a visit where I believe I have communicated badly. I’ve had good feedback from the coaches too,” he said during a media encounter earlier this week.