After a harsh winter during which a large number of French people tried to reduce their energy bills, a good initiative could help you to continue on this dynamic. A vital tool for keeping our clothes clean, the washing machine is a major consumer, but can also save you money at the end of the month.

It is essential to use your washing machine well in order to avoid blowing up your electricity bill. For example, the eco mode is a preferred button to lighten your note. This will allow laundry to be washed at less than 40°C without using excess hot water. Regular maintenance of your washing equipment is also necessary. Filters and seals are at the table of heavy consumers during washes.

In addition, the washing machine represents 6% of the electricity consumption of a household. In order to reduce this figure, it is better to avoid unnecessary overconsumption. This is why vigilance is required when it comes to the time of use of your machine. If you want to avoid seeing your bill explode at the end of the month, you are advised to dodge the peak hours, i.e. between 6 and 10 p.m. Conversely, night programs (between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.) during off-peak hours help the economy since the peak of consumption will be lower, as will the price per Kwh.

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