Wedding season is in full swing this summer. While season 6 of Married at first sight ended on Monday June 27 on M6, an average of 2.5 million witnesses attended the seven unions of this 2022 edition, according to Puremedias. The opportunity for couples to take stock of their experience with experts Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter, choosing to stay married or divorce.

Six months after their last interview with these love scientists, only two couples have survived the adventure and are living happily ever after. Like the first duo of the season: Alicia and Bruno, 83% compatible. The 28-year-old coordinator nurse from Aix-en-Provence, victim of a car accident in her youth, and the 31-year-old civil engineer had a beautiful marriage with their loved ones before leaving for a beautiful trip to wedding in Portugal.

Upon their return, Bruno and Alicia opted to remain married during their checkup with the experts. A love story that is on track to last between the two lovebirds. On their Instagram account, the couple gave their news by showing their love to their fans. “Love at first sight does exist. We are so happy to be able to announce it to you! It’s a crazy experience, it’s true, you have to dare, take risks and it was worth it. beautiful stroke of madness in our life!Despite the doubts, the fear of not knowing what we’re getting into, the fact of not knowing each other and bringing our family into this experience, we went all the way because we always believed in it and that as soon as our eyes met. From the start it was obvious“, they wrote on the social network.

After 8 months of love out of sight (during the broadcast of season 6, editor’s note), Alicia and Bruno are happier than ever, taking advantage of thanking their subscribers for their support. “Thank you for having supported us until the end, for having been so benevolent. Now we will be able to share with you our daily life together”, like this magnificent shot of the couple kissing in front of a sunset.

77% compatible, Pauline and Damien moved many viewers during season 6 of Married at first sight. The 37-year-old business advisor was particularly encouraged in his approach by his parents who had (also) registered him on the show to find the woman of his life. As for the sublime 33-year-old liberal nurse, her sincerity and sensitivity touched many viewers.

After a marriage strewn with adventures and a beautiful honeymoon in Switzerland, Pauline and Damien have decided to stay married, confirming their love in front of the experts. Several months after this assessment, the couple is more in love than ever and live their love in broad daylight. “Months to hide, but now years to love!”, They testified on their Instagram page.

“It is with the greatest happiness that we can announce that our beautiful story continues!”, shared the couple before adding further. “We will finally be able to share with you our daily life, our joys, our delusions, our projects. We will finally be able to live our love in broad daylight”. As they indicated during the final episode this June 27 on M6, Pauline and Damien will live together by buying the house of their dream. A new life for two and maybe soon for three since they would consider starting their family.

If two marriages have survived the adventure of M6, the dream has however turned into a nightmare for five other couples. Like Jennifer and Eddy who had nevertheless chosen to remain married after the end of the assessment with the experts. Despite the tensions, the ex-lovers remained on good terms and the 37-year-old event manager even found love again. “Afterwards, we saw each other again, we get on really well. I have a lot of respect for her. Will it go any further? I don’t think so… because recently, I found someone ‘one. It makes me feel good. I told Jennifer. This story just fell on me like that. I don’t mean Jennifer any harm, I want to keep in touch,” he said. he announced in Télé-Loisirs.

As for Cyndie and Jauffrey, the divorced couple have each rebuilt their lives on their side. Asked by Télé-Loisirs, the 33-year-old beautician would have found love since the end of the program. “Today, I’m sailing my little quiet boat. I met someone, it’s very recent. It’s still very recent, we’ll see what happens,” before talking about her ex-husband. “I wish that Jauffrey is happy and that I am the same. That everyone finds peace and their soul mate”. For the former swimmer and friend of Florent Manaudou, it’s still celibacy “even if I had adventures between the end of filming and today”, he said for TV MAG.

For Caroline and Axel, the story also came to an end after a few months of marriage. After having lived a short adventure with an ex-spouse, the candidate would still be single. Like her ex-husband who lives eternally alone in the mountains with his dogs.

Between Émilie and Frédérick, the dream marriage came to an unhappy end. Yet 84% compatible, the two candidates chose to divorce and left on bad terms in front of the cameras after their honeymoon in Prague. After the adventure, the mother of the family made a few meetings without much success, as she admitted Chez Jordan (for Télé-Loisirs) while the quadra dad is still single.

Finally, Sandy and Alexandre chose to stay married after their union, which was not easy. “We are still trying. I hope we will overcome this”, confided the candidate to the experts. However, six months after their assessment, the couple chose to end their marriage. “After a few weeks, from disagreements to misunderstandings, their relationship deteriorated again. And, in order not to suffer more, they decided to separate”, we learn in the show.