According to Bitdefender Mobile Security anomaly detection software, 60,000 Android apps are actually disguised malware. In France, nearly 1,500 applications would be affected. Conducted by Bitdefender, a leader in cybersecurity software, this study began in October 2022. And the results are alarming. For nearly 6 months, billions of smartphone users have been victims of fraudulent applications.

These Android apps stealthily install adware on the user’s mobile device. Thus, the crooks earn huge revenue by displaying pop-up advertisements on the infected phone.

Worse, this malicious software (malware) can also hijack your internet browser, redirect you to dubious websites, install toolbars, extensions or plugins without your knowledge. So these apps can harm your security and privacy.

Applications pinned by Bitdefender are offered for download on the internet and not via the Play Store. However, in order not to be trapped, never install an application from a link received by email, text message or found online. It is better to always use the Play Store, the official Android app store and Chrome OS. It provides access to nearly 2.5 million applications that have met security requirements.

Discover in our slideshow below the applications available outside the Play Store that you should not install at the risk of infecting your phone.