Liam Baty: who is the interpreter of Jonathann Daval in the fiction “The Daval mystery”?


Sadness, hope, incomprehension… The Alexia Daval affair has aroused strong emotions across French territory. Since 2017, this news item has continued to make headlines and fuel conversations.

On Monday, September 12, the TV movie Le Mystère Daval, featuring this media affair, will be broadcast on TF1. The actress Michèle Bernier, the actress Maud Baecker or even Thierry Neuvic will be headlining for this film. But, one of the key roles is held by an actor less known to the public, Liam Baty.

The face of this 34-year-old French actor is however not unknown to regulars of the small screen, who have notably been able to see him in the hit series Tomorrow Belongs to Us. Since 2017, he has lent his features to Rémy Valski, the endearing nurse who was in a relationship with Soraya.

At the latest news, this character was on the run in Turkey following illegal acts he had committed to raise money for him and his sweetheart, as Allociné recalls. If he has not been seen since the end of 2020 in the famous soap opera, the actor has not been idle.

Indeed, he has since participated in the filming of the TV movie Le Mystère Daval, in which he lent his features to one of the central characters of the story: Jonathann Daval.

Before getting there, Liam Baty has multiplied the appearances in various soap operas such as RIS, Scientific police, Funny family, Alice Nevers, Foster family or even Research section.

Discover in our slideshow the most beautiful photos of the actor as well as his stunning transformation to embody Jonathann Daval.