A strong role to take on for Maud Baecker. On September 12, the actress, revealed in Tomorrow belongs to us, plays in the telefilm event Le Mystère Daval on TF1. Inspired by terrible news stories, she plays Alexia Daval, victim of the terrible feminicide perpetrated by her husband Jonathann.

Convicted of the murder after his confession, the murderer is now imprisoned in the Dijon remand center after being sentenced to 25 years in prison. His role will be played by Liam Baty, also seen in the fiction Tomorrow belongs to us. A partner that actress Maud Baecker frequents on film sets.

Interviewed in August 2022 by our colleagues from Ciné Télé Revue, the actress of Belgian origin confided in this difficult role to wear on the screen. “It’s a unitary on the drama of Alexia Daval, whom I play, who was found dead, beaten, burned by her spouse… A very strong theme on battered women, and unfortunately terribly topical”.

Discreet about her private life, Maud Baecker was able to juggle her schedule to get away from filming the fiction for a while. An absence rather well received by TF1, as explained by the interpreter of Anna Delcourt to our Belgian colleagues from Soir Mag. “I’m given a lot of freedom and we organize the schedules accordingly. It’s great to have this latitude. In addition, it’s thanks to the popularity of Tomorrow belongs to us that I have the opportunity to lead such projects on the side”, according to comments relayed by Télé Loisirs.

According to the actress, the first channel is always attentive to the projects of its flagship actors (Mimie Mathy seen on France 3, Laetitia Milot on M6) despite the competition. “They are smart enough to understand that it is important for actors to immerse themselves in other projects. The directors of fiction at TF1 are benevolent and they are always sincerely happy for me when I have good offers” .

Before discovering the entire telefilm event on TF1, where she will lend her features to Alexia Daval, the actress reveals behind the scenes of her filming on her Instagram page. Here is his portrait in pictures through our slideshow.