Authorities said they are exploring if Reid was impaired prior to the crash.

“Outside Linebackers Coach Britt Reid was put on administrative leave after last Thursday’s multi-vehicle accident,” the expert soccer team said in a statement Tuesday. “We stay in the procedure for collecting data on the episode, and we’ll continue to help local authorities as requested.”

Reid, 35, was included at a three-vehicle collision on a street close to the Kansas City Chiefs’ training complex alongside Arrowhead Stadium on Feb. 4.

A 4-year-old kid who had been at the rear seat of a few of those vehicles that was struck was transported to a local hospital having non-life threatening accidents. A 5-year-old kid who had been in the backseat was hospitalized using life threatening harms.

“The 5-year-old kid hurt in this episode remains in critical condition with a brain injury,” authorities said in a statement Monday.

The Kansas City Chiefs has recognized the seriously injured child since Ariel Young.

“Our focus remains on Ariel Young and her loved ones,” the group said in the announcement Tuesday. “We’ve reached out to the household to provide our resources and support to them through this challenging time, and we are going to continue to pray for her healing.”

Authorities have said they’re exploring if Reid was diminished before the accident and the probe would take a few weeks.

It was uncertain whether he’s obtained representation.

The search warrant filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, which was acquired by Kansas City ABC affiliate KMBC, asked access to Reid’s phone to”ascertain if there was no telephone action before or at the time of this crash, which could have diverted his attention, and if the telephone was used following the crash to speak about the episode with different individuals.” Police captured Reid’s telephone on Saturday, soon after the warrant has been allowed, based on KMBC.

Reid didn’t travel with the Kansas City Chiefs to that the Super Bowl LV at Tampa last weekend since he was hospitalized, a supply informed ESPN’s Dianna Russini. He is hospitalized for days because of his injuries, the source stated.

“My heart goes out to those who were involved with the crash, particularly the household with the tiny woman who’s fighting for her own life,” Andy Reid said. “And listen, it is a challenging situation. I can not comment on it any more than that which I’m here, hence the queries which you have I will need to turn down those in this moment. But only from an individual perspective, my heart bleeds for everyone involved in this.”