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Alleah Taylor, the ex-girlfriend of Chad Wheeler, said she is unsure if the alleged attack by the prior Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman was associated with his psychological health.

Wheeler, with bipolar disease, pleaded not guilty a week to criminal charges of first-degree domestic violence assault and domestic violence unlawful imprisonment. He explained in a succession of tweets a month the events that caused his arrest and booking on Jan. 23″transpired in a manic episode.”

Taylor was requested by”CBS This Morning,” in an interview that aired Wednesday, if she believed the attack was directly linked to Wheeler’s emotional wellbeing.

“To be truthful, I really don’t understand,” explained Taylor, talking publicly about the episode for the first time. “He also went and ate dinner after doing so to me. He did not take the identical approach using the cops because he did me.”

He had been ordered a week to stay at Washington on electronic home detention using a GPS-equipped ankle tracking device as a condition of his pretrial release.

Wheeler was detained later Taylor told authorities he double choked her into unconsciousness. The police report claims that when police forced entry to the apartment shared with Wheeler and Taylor, she had been yelling in pain, with her face covered in blood and her left arm bloated and limp from her body. She had clear fingerprints on each side of her throat, according to the report.

Taylor stated in the meeting that she’s a concussion she must have frequently assessed and contains”bolts along with a steel plate I will have eternally in my arm”

Taylor replied”yes” when asked if Wheeler ought to be sentenced to prison.

“I certainly… believe he should. The toughest aspect of this was not the operations, it was not some of that. They believed they’d lost me. The pain in their own voice, I won’t ever forget that. I won’t ever forget that,” she explained.

She explained why she appeared in court at Wheeler’s hearing.

“I did not want him to believe that he had that power over me, I was not going to defend myself. And I thought how simple for him and his legal staff to have the ability to say anything they need without needing to look me in the eye”

Taylor said she’s”beyond thankful” to be living.

“I feel like God has blessed me with another opportunity. I would like to attempt and use the time that I’ve been blessed with to help others and to get this story out and make sure folks do not feel lonely and this does not occur again,” she explained.