HOUSTON — Texans president Jamey Rootes has resigned in the group, it was announced Wednesday.

“The past two decades are an amazing blessing for me and my loved ones and that I have the [McNair family] to thank you for that,” Rootes said in a statement.

Rootes, who’d spent over 20 years with the company, was”responsible for several business purposes of the team,” based on the group’s website.

“We sincerely appreciate Jamey’s multiple contributions to the Texans franchise within his tenure and look forward to seeing him succeed in his new ventures,” Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair said in a statement. “We will now build on this base and proceed with a bold and unwavering dedication to winning championships, creating memorable experiences for our lovers, and doing great things for Houston.”

The Texans are in the middle of an organizational overhaul which started when McNair fired head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien at October. This offseason, they were replaced by general manager Nick Caserio and head coach David Culley.

Rootes didn’t like the direction that the Texans firm, together with executive vice president Jack Easterby, was going, and Rootes’ input on the new general manager hire wasn’t relied or valued, sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

The alterations to the company came after quarterback Deshaun Watson had said at the end of the season the Texans have”no actual foundation” and require a”complete culture change.”

Though Watson has requested a trade, it looks like the Texans are attempting to deal with those concerns.

“We are looking into the future,” Caserio explained. “We are trying to build. So we’re going to take inventory of what we have set up. We’re going to spend some time with the team, speak together, and figure out how we would like to construct this. Finally, I wasn’t here for this but have some comprehension of what has occurred.

“But our responsibility is to try and move forward, because each year everyone starts over type of from precisely the exact same platform, right? So we are kind of starting over, right? We are starting our process to build the 2021 Houston Texans roster, and that’s what we’re going to do.”