The least we can say is that it is a real budget. In 2024, France will host the Olympic Games in Paris and a number of Ile-de-France residents are already worried about what this could mean when the time comes. Will Parisians have to participate in financing the projects undertaken to develop the capital and make such an adventure possible? Not according to the President of the Republic, informs Capital on its site, which recently spoke about it. During a “site meeting”, designed to allow dialogue on all issues relating to the event and to highlight the participation of the State, Emmanuel Macron announced how he intended to finance the project.

In short, the Head of State has undertaken not to create an exceptional “Olympic Games” tax. “The games must finance the Games”, he thus declared in front of the microphones of L’Équipe, to which he granted an interview in which he detailed his strategy.

In fact, the President of the Republic has thus announced the establishment of a “popular ticket office”, explains Capital: it is a question, for the State, of acquiring a certain number of tickets planned for sale ( 400,000, approximately, out of the 10 million which should be marketed for the Olympic Games and the 3.4 million which will be for the Paralympic Games).These places will then be distributed free of charge to a certain number of French men and women: civil servants categories B and C who could have participated in the organization of the games, but also people with disabilities, their caregivers, young people and schoolchildren (“especially those under 16”) or volunteers who contributed to the games .