Trump must testify before NY AG Letitia James; judge rules. James replies


James was seen celebrating the ruling which compels Trump to testify with two of his children.

New York Attorney general Letitia James was seen to celebrate a court ruling that Donald Trump and his two children must be oath witnesses in the state’s civil investigation of his business practices.

James tweeted Thursday that Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump Jr. must comply with the court order and testify in my office within 21 calendar days.” “No one is above law.”
Judge Arthur Engoron directed the former president and his two oldest children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka , to comply in good faith with James’ December subpoenas. Judge Arthur Engoron ordered the Trumps to appear for deposition within 21 calendar days.

After a two-hour hearing, he issued the ruling.

“In the end, a State Attorney general begins investigating a business entity. He uncovers copious evidence regarding possible financial fraud and wants to question several of the principals of the entities, including its namesake. She is entitled to do so. Engoron made this clear in his decision.
issued subpoenas to assist with a civil investigation. These subpoenas were issued to obtain testimony and documents in connection with an ongoing civil investigation.
Trump’s family filed a response accusing James of violating legal principles to win political support. The Trumps claimed that James “repeatedly threatened to investigate and prosecute” the Trump family in order to “garner votes and money, and then, as Attorney General to gain political support.”