No, the housing tax has not disappeared. At least… not quite. As Planet has already explained on more than one occasion, the tax abolition called for by the President of the Republic since the previous term of office does not yet concern all taxpayers. 20% of the wealthiest French women and men therefore continue to pay local tax on their main residence. Others also continue to receive a tax notice: it is then accompanied by the notice of audiovisual royalty, which could also soon disappear, too. Moreover, all tax households with more than one residence – that is to say, at least one second home – must also pay the housing tax.

In their specific case, no tax abolition is planned to date.

This is why the evolution of housing tax rates continues to work for French women and men. All in all, France still has 3.2 million second homes, recalls the official platform of the French Republic, Vie Publique. Most of the holders, we can read on the site, are:

This year, explains Capital, the municipalities have reviewed their housing tax rate on second homes. Some, like every year, have been particularly generous with their occasional visitors. This is the case for the following ten cities. More information in our slideshow, produced on the basis of information from our colleagues and which you will find below.