Jette –

A pungent smell that tickles the nose and eyes, and even in the house unannounced, so as to describe the inhabitants of the Machelen (Flemish Brabant), for the smell, which is Wednesday evening in the church floor. For the second time. And no one knows where the stink cloud coming from. And most importantly, if they are toxic.

“Jette smoke is back and how! Even the doors and windows shut doesn’t help. About half-past eight I was at the airport, where I will have the same evocative smell-I have smelled it…”, someone wrote, Wednesday night in the facebook group in, art van Machelen’. In no time at all there were more than a hundred comments on it.

“It was awful”, say the residents. Some of them were talking about the smell of burnt rubber, but most of them were the unpleasant smell does not define it. “But it took on a breath and poked it in the nose and the eyes.

the Marina that is Why bears witness that the odor in her bedroom was that her dog suffer for it, and suddenly, a bright went up sneezing all the time, which he normally never does that.

Also, Kris Jacobs, and says that the smell of him in the bedroom classification.

According to the dermatologe, Monique Michaux, from Jette, she had suffered from a sore eye. The tears were rolling down her cheeks, ” she says. She also had a headache and felt sick.

the First Wednesday of each month:

“It’s a big mystery,” said the mayor, Marc Grootjans (CD&V). “Especially, since we had last month the same happened. And, just as it is now, on the first Wednesday of the month. At about the same time. Also the neighbouring municipalities of Diegem, Zaventem and brussels airport were at this time troubled.”

now, The big question on everyone’s mind now asks: where does the smell come from? And if there is any risk to human health?

“I want to know if it is poisonous it is”, says Marina, is Why. Know that preliminary one, shows the mayor has increased.

“There are some agreements have been made with the local fire department. For the first time, it has not been resolved, they shall immediately take the measurements. So, do we know yet whether there will be any danger to the population, and whether or not we have to take care of,” says the mayor, Grootjans.

it is Believed that the smell of a plant is that on the first Wednesday of the month, maybe its installations, cleaning, where there are the scents to be released. But what is the plant? “We are in an area where there are quite a few companies are. They can be difficult after a move to check”, he said, schepencollege.

All of the tips, that is, the branch portion is to be examined. “We have to have our ear to listen, put in the Brussels Airport, the Brussels water company Vivaqua, and by the Brussels Institute for Environment (ibge / BIM). But none of that was the solution to our problem. We hope to have a business or factory, contact them and admit that they were the cause,” says the mayor.

the police station of the zone in Vilvoorde/Machelen-Diegem is investigating the case.

in A factory, its facilities, cleaning, illegal dumping, incineration of waste… nothing is tentatively ruled out. On Wednesday, the 6th of november, in the evening, all the services are on standby for the event will be the third time to occur.