Sudeikis is reportedly seeing Hazell ‘casually’ and their relationship isn’t serious

Jason Sudeikis, and model Keeley Hayzell were seen together during a trip to Cabo.

Sudeikis, aged 46, and Hazell (35), were captured sharing intimate moments on a beach trip. One photo shows the couple with their arms wrapped around one another, while the other captures a kiss between them.

Sudeikis wore blue bathing suits and a red T-shirt, while Hazell showed off her toned abs with a pink bikini.

Hazell was first connected to the ” Ted Lasso”, actor, in February. Sources claim that there is no serious relationship between them.

A People magazine insider confirmed that Sudeikis was still dating Hazell.

The source said that they are “casually seeing each other again,” according to the outlet. It’s not something serious. They are just enjoying each others company.”

They were photographed together on a June walk. In September, Sudeikis & Hazell were again together. They enjoyed a hike in Los Angeles together.

This is Sudeikis first public relationship since the end of his engagement to Olivia Wilde in November 2020. In July, talked publicly about the split in an interview with GQ.

He said, “I’ll be able to understand why in a year and an even better one, two, and five. It’ll become a chapter, paragraph, line, word, or doodle.”

Wilde and Sudeikis have two children, Otis (and Daisy)