Like many stars in the industry, comedian Blanche Gardin has had its ups and downs. It was not until 2016 that the artist achieved success thanks to his one-woman-show entitled “I must speak to you”. In the columns of Le Parisien on June 2, the outspoken comedian made a very surprising revelation. Her show that made her popular was written while she was confined to a psychiatric hospital.

“He was born in a psychiatric hospital room where I was trying to cure myself of depression, this time triggered by a breakup. The shrink who took care of me had suggested that I write a kind of biography, exercise supposed to move the point of view by the recontextualization and the written formalization of the emotions. But the cursor had to go too far, and these are jokes of an unprecedented darkness which came out”, she had told and add: “When I left the hospital, I got it into my head to write it all in English and to try my luck across the Atlantic in the “real” country of stand-up. In reality, I was mostly scared to death at the idea that my navel-gazing considerations do not interest the French public”.

Although her attempt at a one-woman-show in English was a failure, she ended up getting noticed during her time in the Jamel Comedy Club: “That evening, when I said ‘Bonsoir’ in French, everything became clear. I had put a 100 kg ball around my foot wanting to play in English. And suddenly, by speaking French, everything seemed possible to me. I made a scam of my own – even in a way“, she confided.

In an interview with Télérama on August 19, 2020, the comedian, who has had no children, confided bluntly about her desire for motherhood. Unfortunately, the latter will probably never be a mother.

“I was convinced that I would have children, that it was normal to be a mother”, she explained and added: “Did I have to appeal to science? The reflection was difficult, but I decided not to give in to this notion, unhealthy, according to which our desires must necessarily be solved, if necessary by technique. Today, it’s done, I have deconstructed motherhood “.

In an unauthorized autobiography titled La vie rêvée de Blanche Gardin, her ex-husband Nicolas Deconinck opened up about the comedian’s life. In the book, by journalist Nathalie Simon, the latter confided in particular in their money problems.

The painter reveals that they shoplifted several times: “We were one, we protected each other, we regularly stole salmon from supermarkets and spent our nights talking while eating smoked salmon galore,” he explained. The confidences do not stop there since Nicolas Deconinck also revealed an unusual fact about their marriage. “We had our wedding rings made at Tati Or and they made a mistake in the spelling of the names inside. Instead of putting Blanche and Nico, they had written Blanche and Rico”.