Who said that a camera was mandatory for photography? Film, digital and reflex are tending to be overtaken by a new major competitor: the smartphone. Small, practical and of high quality, this rdy camera is constantly in the pocket of most French people who only have to grab it to take photographs.

Today with the advent of social networks highlighting photography like Instagram or Snapchat, many people become photographers, even if it remains, very often, in the field of amateurism.

Thus, the 8th art seems to have entered a new era in recent years. And this, some professionals have understood. Now, many of them practice “cellphone photography” or even “mobile photography”.

Among the representatives of this photographic movement is Ben Lowy, a photojournalist who has covered various conflicts, including the Libyan revolution, with his mobile phone in his hand, as reported by our colleagues from Konbini. If this caused a reaction at the time, this did not prevent the journalist from having his photos published around the world.

Other pioneers of this genre like Guido or the Mobile Camera Club, a specialized art gallery founded by Stéphanie Dupont, Nadine Benichou and Lény Bagsho. Today, it is therefore possible to create real works of art with your mobile phone. Still need to know how. Here are tips from Marc Knecht, a photographer trained in smartphone photography.