the Amusement in London. According to rumors on social media, Jan Vertonghen was having an affair with the wife of a Spurs teammate Christian Eriksen. However, in a telling comment on Twitter and laughed at the two men with slurs.

It wasn’t exactly a pleasant Tuesday night for the Spurs. Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld were a total of seven goals scored on the ear in a 2-7 defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Auwtch.

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A day later and responded to Eriksen with the telling #bullsh * t rumors that Vertonghen was having an affair, it would have been with his wife, Sabrina Kvist and, therefore, the argument would have been made in the dressing room. One that is also prijsschutter Harry Kane is involved in, it would have been.

Vertonghen was his team-mate right away, and tweette even have a heart for the Danish playmaker.

The Red Devil’s had it a few days ago, and they already have a picture of him with Eriksen as follows:

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however, Eriksen and his wife are quite happy together.

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This e-mail message on Instagram


A message that is shared by Christian Eriksen (@chriseriksen8 on.

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