A ultraloper in the United States of america, it is tragic, for it has come into your life when he is an ultramarathon of 50 miles and just before the finish and was hit by a bolt of lightning.

The tragedy occurred in Montgomery County, Kansas, at the FlatRock race in Any City and State Park. The 33-year-old Thomas Lynch was given after the lightning strike, still the first aid of other runners, and corrupt officials, but he died from his injuries.

even before the race has been warned of heavy storms in the area. The National Weather Service (NWS) to let you know that in the US this year, eighteen people have been killed by a bolt of lightning. The chance to have a life of 80 years, due to a bolt of lightning to hit, it would be a 1-on-15.300 amounts to only 10 per cent of the victims in such an incident in the life to come.

Lynch leaves a wife, Ashley, and their three children. His wife received, on behalf of the organization, it is a coin, and the man was symbolically included in the results. “To the family of Thomas, in saying that the chance of getting killed by a bolt of lightning is about one in a million. And Thomas was really one in a million”, is to be found on the Facebook page of FlatRock.

“I lost my best friend, and the father of my baby, my love,” said the widow.