Brussels airport –

The national afhandelcentrum for transmigranten at brussels airport is running on its last legs. In september, the federal police, there are only 36 reports on the year will never be more than five. With the establishment of the centre, a full year ago, things were different. In september, 2018 and wrote a letter to the police department 225 reports, in October, even 358.

“She is on the edge of the building,” says the chief of police of Kruibeke, Wim Pieteraerens. He moved in the fall of 2018 and beyond to sound the alarm about the burden of transmigranten. His corps was overbevraagd by the process of the immigrants, who are often the next day yet again on the streets there. Pieteraerens have threatened to simply stop the people to convert. The federal government came up with a plan of action to bring the situation under control. One of the measures was the introduction of a central afhandelingscentrum.

The idea behind it was to be picked up transmigranten the bus to the brussels airport customs, the federal police force, the bureaucracy was able to do it. That way it would be in the local areas of breathing room to get it. For a couple of months, it stops the “flow” is. “Right now We are working with the provincial of the centres”, says Pieteraerens. “A lot of that doesn’t really matter to our operation.” He stressed, however, that there is still a nuisance as it is. “With the action, together with the federal, that we have this Wednesday, at ed. ) of 17 immigrants were arrested at the snelwegparking.”

Forty places.

the Former secretary of state for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA) would it also be noted that the problem is not the way it is. “But, as it appears to be the transmigranten to brussels airport will be sent. Not a problem, but then you need to open locations at the disposal of the Department of foreign affairs set up. That offer is now forty places on the police force. The places that will be able to use it for it’s opinion of immigrants.”

“It was decided to have the operation after one year to evaluate it,” said the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). “It could happen any time. But for the time being, the centre even further.”
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