Morning broke out in Italy, the election fever. Both populist by the coalition parties had a dispute, what holds the stuff. Joint Favourite Opponent? Yeah, right: EU, France, Germany. The main thing is that you have an enemy – even if it is the main economic partner of the country and can present Italy as a victim of dark powers.

the Prime Minister, Conte has attacked at the world economic forum in Davos the EU, it’s a pretty rough way. Also nationalism is the measure to lose.

Not too surprised you need that Conte lashes out at the German-French Treaty reaffirmed the goal of Germany was to be the security Council, a permanent member of the UN. The cross-party attitude in Italy. This results in a feeling of inferiority like to talk, reinforced by the fact that Berlin and Paris, settling the European things. But it is clear that not only Germany will feel a Higher calling. One should set on one or the other intrigue and counter-coalitions.